CamSoda: Best Webcam Site

CamSoda: Best Webcam Site

The porn industry has undergone irrevocable changes with the appearance of cam sites. They are so popular that if you are to visit some of them, you are likely to be surprised at how much like usual porn sites they look. Thousands of videos available, web cam models of all possible ages, genders, complexities, from dark-haired to blond and red, from bold to dyed hair — you can literally find anything you want there. CamSoda is viewed as one of the best sites streaming sex and sexual performance of its models. Why is that and who use cam sites in the first place?

CamSoda Options and Details

First thing you need to know is that CamSoda is among the biggest cam sites with the largest number of web cam models. It already makes it unique and puts it into the category of best sites since the more people watch it, the wider choice of videos exists. You can find any performer you’d like because there are numerous categories present there. Hetero sex, gay performance, transgenders, couples or individual performers — you’ll find it all.

Another important thing that makes CamSoda popular is that it actually takes care of its webcam models. While such sites are amazingly diverse and refreshing, they still pose danger to models because revealing your face in the age where the Internet is used by almost anyone is pretty risky. Chances of this are small but you might still get caught by people you know. Your videos can also get stolen and distributed further, and who wants to be stuck doing sex things on the Internet with no control over who watches it and where it’s shown? To protect its users, CamSoda constantly upgrades its safety techniques and recently, it announced about special animated avatars known as Camoji. This is what they will offer.

  • Based on face-tracking and motion capturing technology, Camoji will allow performers’ avatars to reflect all their actual movements.    
  • You can choose any avatar you want, designing it as you see fit.
  • All avatars look very realistic, which is unlikely to affect the number of those who will watch your videos.
  • You can interact with other models and your viewers easily.

Who Uses CamSoda?

Another element that makes CamSoda best is that many popular models are attracted to it. People like Dani Daniels use it to grow their already large fan base. So, as a viewer, you have a chance to watch your favorite ex-porn stars do things you yourself would like to see for tokens. This really creates a feeling of closeness that no other porn will give you.

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